5 bean salad and pita bread

Beans add protein to this tasty riff on the classic Middle Eastern salad fattoush, made with lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, mint and pita bread.

Vegan vodka pasta

If you need a simple but insanely flavorful pasta recipe, look no further! This vegan vodka sauce with rigatoni is a creamy and delicious dinner recipe.

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5 Minute Magic Green Sauce

Magic Green Sauce? Made with all green foods // whipped up in five minutes // eaten every day for the rest of my life. ’ve been just WAITING for the right time to share this sauce, and by waiting I do definitely mean hoarding. Friends, readers, good sauce loving people of the world: let me …

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Fiery Chili Soup

Spicy chili recipe made with both jalapeno and chipotle chile peppers make this main dish very, very hot and spicy.


Fruity French Toast

My son begged me to try making the stuffed French toast we enjoyed when our family visited Walt Disney World,” writes Nancy Hawthorne, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. “His encouragement resulted in this easy delicious breakfast that’s a favorite on Saturday morning.”

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Simple Deep Dish Pizza

Pie, pie, I made you a pie. A pie on the fly. Without any ryyyeee! Sorry. It’s late and I really wanted to make you a poem. Somehow I wanted to fit in “It doesn’t have any butterrrrr” and “it’s deep dissshhh” but they didn’t really rhyme with fly, so they didn’t make the cut. …

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